About us

Slow Miles Club was created by Jen & Jason Cohen to encourage others to stay active and healthy. Slow Miles Club embraces the idea that no matter the speed, distance, or intensity, we can all live better lives through activity and constant motion. 

If you enjoy running, walking, hiking, biking, rowing, skating, or any other activity, the Slow Miles Club is the club for you. 

The idea for Slow Miles Club came a few months after their  little boy Louie was born. Jen was getting off the treadmill while Louie was taking a nap and Jason asked, "How was your run?" Jen promptly answered, "Slow miles are better than no miles", and the Slow Miles Club was born. The idea was simple: embrace an active lifestyle, no matter the pace.

Earlier in life Jen & Jason had a sedentary lifestyle which led to Jason weighing nearly 300lbs. Through Jen's support, healthy lifestyle, food, & activity changes, Jason has been able to lose 120+lbs and has now run The Leadville Trail 100 twice. They both now enjoy an active life which could have never been imaginable before.

Jen Cohen
Jen is an elementary librarian by day, lover of farmers markets, long hikes in the forest, and veggie pizzas. Her favorite activities include daily neighborhood walks, long casual weekend bike rides, and front door 5Ks. 

Jason Cohen
Jason is a photographer/cinematographer by day, enjoys camping, family bike rides, long mountain runs, and exploring remote hikes with Louie in tow. 

 Jen, Jason, and Louie on Hope Pass in Twin Lakes Colorado
Jen, Jason, & Louie on Hope Pass in Twin Lakes Colorado